Regular Sinus Problems?

If you regularly have blocked up sinuses I want to bring two factors to your attention:

  1. Vitamin A deficiency
  2. Allergies or Mould

Regarding mould, new groundbreaking research has shown that mould becomes many times more toxic in the presence of EMFs. Read on…

Vitamin A Deficiency

Dr. Berg says that a vitamin A deficiency, which can also/alternatively be a bile deficiency, can be an issue for the sinuses. Vitamin A is fat-soluble and bile is needed to break down fats. Hence the vitamin A deficiency could be a lack of bile rather than a lack of vitamin A.

Cod liver oil is a great source of vitamin A because it also contains omega fatty acids and natural occurring vitamin D.

Dr Berg also recommends a protein enzyme to dissolve build up of mucus.

Here are some links to these products:

Caveat: if the root problem is bio-toxic mould such as in house damp, then taking bile salts might make the symptoms worse. In which case you have more information and can confirm a mould/bio-toxin issue. See

Allergies and Mould

Blocked sinuses could an environmental bio-toxin such as mould, or an allergy such as a reaction to animals, or a food allergy. Some things to consider:

  • cutting out all grains and dairy for a month
  • kimchi or lactobacillus sakei supplement to address bacteria imbalance (for the science behind lactobacillus sakei see this page). Note – after further research it seems likely that the specific source of this beneficial bacteria might be the garlic that’s in the kimchi. So fermented garlic (at between 14 and 21 days) is particularly recommended for this condition.
  • remove mould from the home environment

Electromagnetic Fields

Mould issues can be aggravated by electromagnetic fields which have been shown to cause mould to be more ‘aggressive’. For a deeper look at this topic see Do EMFs-increase-mould-toxicity?, but here’s a few suggestions:

  • switch off the house AC power to the sleeping area at night, or
  • take action to deactivate live wires in floor space and wall space in the sleeping area

To thin down sinus mucus (doesn’t cure root cause) I would take fenugreek, and I would try acupressure of the 2nd vertebrae.

And …