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The aim of Health Keys UK is to bring you the research and recommendations from key players in various fields of health and wellness. In doing so we aim to help you make the best decisions yourself for the the health and wellness of you and yours.

There is a strong emphasis here on the effects of Electromagnetic radiation.

Academia is constricted by old paradigms and last-decade modalities because it takes so long for cutting-edge discoveries to reach the classroom or lecture hall – which is surprising in a connected on-line world. However we find that resistance to change seems to be a fundamental human trait! Most of this latest research is only available to those who will spend the time to dig for it in research papers and journals – or visit specialist sites of those who do. But some of these discoveries will be what is taken for granted 10 or 15 years from now – and now is the time we might have need of them.

This website does not give recommendations as such, but does gives the recommendations of experts in their field. If we promote a product or device it is on the recommendation of such experts and with direct links to their research.

In a day of increasing complexity the causes and remedies to modern diseases can appear to be more confusing that ever. Conflicting advice and fact-checking “experts” abounds everywhere. We aim to short-circuit the process and take you straight to the labs and researchers who clearly have the well-being of mankind as their central motive.

A nasty fact quickly appears when only studying this subject briefly: vested interest. Think about this for a moment – if my money depends on treating your disease, is your disease my enemy or my friend? And hence you find the root of the confusion of information out there. Learn to follow the money, as they say, and you will usually find the motive, which will enlighten you to the truth.

The Apostle Paul, who wrote two-thirds of the New Testament put it this way, “The love of money is the root of all evil”. And so it is.