Thank you Mark for a thorough and detailed survey and corresponding report. We will be taking on many of your suggestions.

I am glad you are well studied in this field of research and also in holistic health topics which are closely related.

Very happy to recommend you to family and friends too!

Dr Paul Corrie – Belfast.


Mark’s visit revealed several issues with magnetic fields (faulty house wiring), high electrical fields, and disruptive “harmonics” being carried on the AC sine wave that had biological significance for humans and pets alike! Some of the remedial recommendations will be a bit challenging to accomplish but the logic behind them – which was born out by instrumentation readings – makes good sense. Especially welcome were the recommendations on how to reduce the electromagnetic exposure in our sleeping area. Without the survey we would not have seen or known which areas of the EM spectrum were affecting our home.

A friendly and informative guy, and a good value service – can’t recommend enough!

Thomas – Bangor.


Mark spent a couple of hours taking readings and chatting through advice and recommendations on how to minimise my exposure to EMFs. It was literally an eye opener to actually see the test equipment screens which bring to focus what is happening in an invisible realm all around us. I got some great insights and a plan to put things back in my control! I found Mark to be both professional and friendly and would definitely recommend.

Luke – Belfast.


Hello all,
I highly recommend EMF Surveys (healkeys.uk on Facebook) if you want to check if the house you want buy is safe! Moreover if you want to check if you have exposure to electromagnetic waves, ring Mark Flint! He played a key role in a decision making process on buying my first house, which I am forever grateful!

Julia – Belfast.