Genes – Remotely Edited by a Virus and EMFs

Here’s a summary: In the disciplines of gene editing (CRISPR/Cas9), and remote neuron activation (optogenetics), the process is achieved by injecting a modified virus into a host. So through an injection delivery (eg, vaccine) it is possible to both alter the host genes and to turn neuron on and off in the brain… remotely.

Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) in the wavelength range of 280–315 nm (UV light) can trigger brain neurons and control the emotions and behaviour of animals. This science is called optogenetics. First the neurons are targeted by a modified virus which allows the insertion of a protein into the DNA strand. DNA responds by activating a targeted gene when activated by the EMR at this frequency – which then alters mood, thought, and physical action.

The following link explains how this process works and shows an example of a mouse being triggered by ultraviolet light (280–315 nm).

Notice (at 1:32) the process is triggered by a modified virus.

Bear in mind that the UV light does not have to be strapped to the mouse’s head! This is just for the sake of this demo. Also bear in mind that different protein/gene combinations are likely to respond to different EM frequencies. For example this could result in genes that are triggered by EMF which is outside of the visible spectrum.

The following video is not without controversy. It is part of a leaked lecture at the Pentagon. “Fact checker debunkers” claim it was done by actors. Nevertheless everything that is said is achievable with available technology. You decided.

The fact that a lab-modified virus is needed to start the process should be cause for an eyebrow to be raised. Here is an explanation of the process: (TIP: load the page then search for “virus”)

Understand that the blood-brain barrier (BBB) can be opened by electromagnetic fields – such as that in the wifi and mobile comms range. And now the virus can pass through the BBB into the brain. See

Not only can genes be turned on and off through optogenetics, they can be rebuilt, modified and re-modelled (for whatever purpose) using a technique called CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing. (The two techniques can also be combined; see Here we see an interesting article about who’s baking this technology:

Before you think this tech is years away from us, there are companies out there that you can order a custom built CRISPR/Cas9 RNA virus as a delivery system for gene editing! Just look it up for yourself.

Perhaps the fact the current vaccine under development now will be based around a custom RNA messenger (mRNA) and will also include a modified SARS-COV-2 virus – might trigger some thought processes for you.