Do EMFs Increase Mould Toxicity?


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Most people today are engulfed in the constant exposure of EMFs generated by Wi-Fi, electricity, cell phones, and much more. Studies started back in the 80’s after EMF waves were starting to increase and the fears of cancer started to emerge. Results have varied throughout the years but, as the amount of EMF exposure increases, so does the public’s concern. Multiple environmental communities took action to find out just how EMF waves may affect biogenetics. 

A well known medical practitioner, Dr. Klinghardt, uncovered a connection between EMF and mould. During his research, he found that EMFs could be responsible for driving certain moulds to produce Mycotoxins. In other words, electromagnetic fields could be making moulds more aggressive and reactive.

Studies showed elongated exposure to any type of EMF over a course of a month can make mould and bacteria grow at an exceptional rate. The mould spores grew at 600 times their regular rate due to the radiation exposure. Additionally, this studies shows evidence of increased mycotoxin production amongst certain species moulds.

Dr. Klinghardt performed a mold plate experiment which compared a mold plate shielded from electromagnetic fields to an unprotected mold plate exposed to electromagnetic fields.  The unprotected mold plate showed a drastic increase in the number of spores produced. 

This research suggests that molds are highly sensitive to electromagnetic fields. In the last 20 years if you measured the density of electromagnetic fields that we are exposed to, the change is significant. If you measure the amount of cell phone radiation the air, it is now several million times higher than it was just 10 years ago.

Obviously the presence of mould is a problem all on it’s own and, as the source of health-damaging toxins, needs addressing at the source.

Also getting the toxin out of our bodies requires a bit of know-how. Here is an article by Dr. Axe for a starter: