EMFs and Water

Our bodies are 70–80% water. It turns out that water is not just the most abundant element on the earth but is the single most significant element for life, including our own.

Here’s what is now known: the water in our bodies is charged from EMFs particularly in the spectrum of light.

What is generally not understood is type of water that our cells use. It is not predominantly the type that flows, the obvious exception being that in our blood. But most of our cells have a type of gel-like substance that some are referring to as Exclusion Zone (EZ) water or structured water. Electric charge is what gives this gel-like water it’s substance.

Dr. Gerald Pollack is a researcher who has written a book called The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid, and Vapor.

In this important book he details how energy (typically in the form of light, earth ground, and foods), creates charge separation in the water in our bodies. What this means is the water nearest to our cell walls becomes negatively charged while pushing away molecules that have a positive charge, creating an “exclusion zone” of negative structured water which has excluded the positive charges.

It is Dr. Pollack postulates that it is the structure of water that facilitates much of the movement in our bodies, and the presence or absence of EZ water is a critical marker of our overall health.

Here is a video interview with Dr. Pollack who talks with Dr. Tom Cowan about EZ water in our bodies.

In this article I am highlighting four things we can do to increase this EZ charge separation of water in our bodies:

1) minimise your exposure to man-made electromagnetic fields, particularly in the place you spent most of your day (this might include your vehicle if you are a driver), and your sleeping area during your rest time. For an overview of this process the page on this site: EMFs.

2) Expose your skin to near infrared light. A near infrared sauna is a good option. This is one type of man-made EMF that is beneficial!

3) Reconnect with the earth. Going barefoot on your lawn, or the beach, is a good option.

4) Juicing fruits and vegetables. The juice is already high in EZ water. The type of juicer is important. A slow speed auger type (I prefer manual one), or hydraulic-press type is important. A high speed centrifugal filter type juicer will introduce EM charges which will nullify the negative charge in the EZ water. Cucumber and celery are good to start with due to their low sugar and their ability to sooth and detox the digestive system.

I hope to revisit the article and fill out more of the details in future, but as a starter I can point you to the following research areas:

Infrared Light

Research the work of Dr Lawrence Wilson. A good place to start is:



The concept of grounding is simple. In it’s simplest form this is to go bare-foot on the moist grass or sand of the beach. However in the UK this can be challenging during the colder months. I am still researching whether grounding inside an EMF rich environment like a home is beneficial. My feeling at the moment is it probably is, but there are some complicated arguments for and against, and my two main concerns are:

1) high ohmic resistance of the skin to the small negative voltage of the earth vs. the larger positive voltages induced by EM fields.

2) stray (nett) earth currents introduced by the power grid earthing of return currents – as well as natural telluric and geopathic currents – negating the beneficial qualities of the earth. However this last point would also be relevant in the case of going bare-foot on the earth.

My research into the best conditions for grounding continues and if these questions can be answered definitely then grounding might be the single most important subject relating to EMF protection.